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In today’s dentistry, dental implants have become the most common way of caring for toothless patients. With the installation of dental implants, patients get maximum comfort when making fixed or mobile restorations when making (dental crowns or dental bridges). The complete implant placement procedure has two phases.



In the first phase during the installation of dental implants, it takes 2 to 3 days to spend in Belgrade. On the first day, the installation of dental implants is performed, which lasts on average 45 minutes per dental implant, while on the second and third day, the control of the performed procedure is performed. After the implant is placed, it is necessary to wait three months for the implant to be fully attached to the tooth bone.
After 3 months, when the natural process of osseointegration is completed (acceptance of the dental implant for the tooth bone), we move on to the second phase, ie the production and fixation of prosthetic work.
Depending on the complexity of the work itself, it takes 5 to 14 days during which various tests are performed – phases in the process of making the final dental replacement (dental bridge, dental crowns or dentures). This kind of work is a definite solution, which, along with regular check-ups at the dentist, will last for many years.


all on 4 & all on 6

All on 4 as well as All on 6 are new methods for treating and rehabilitating patients who have lost their natural teeth, and for whom future dentures will remain fixed and make them safer in everyday life and performing daily activities.

The method of placing dentures on implants is applied in cases when a patient who has lost all natural teeth wants to make a permanent solution and thus solve major problems related to normal functioning.

In order for this method to be performed, it is necessary to visit the Beo Smile Design office, where various examinations and analyzes will be performed, on the basis of which our experts will make conclusions on the basis of which the procedure itself can be performed.

Usually, if the jaw is of good quality, the prosthesis can be placed on 4 dental implants – all on 4. The patient receives a new prosthesis which will be temporary, and then the final solution, for which it will not be necessary to have any procedures except examination.

With 6 anchored dental implants – all on 6, the possibility is created for fixed prosthetic works, ie the creation of a dental bridge.

By applying these two methods, all on 4 and all on 6 with dental implants, which is extremely widespread in the world and represents the pinnacle of dental medicine, we have successfully treated more than a hundred patients from the country and the world.

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