Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that deals with correcting growth disorders and tooth position. The treatment of such deformities of the tooth position is best done in children, although it can also be done in adults. The procedure is not as long as the process of returning to the correct position, but it can be complicated and require the expertise and experience of an orthodontist, a doctor who deals with this branch of dentistry.

Nakon 35 godina uspešnog obavljanja kompleksnih radova iz oblasti stomatologije, odlučili smo da je vreme da naše poslovanje intenziviramo u pravcu implantologije, estetske stomatologije i ortodoncije, kao grana stomatologije koje važe za komplikovane. Spremni smo da ponudimo sve usluge i prihvatimo se svih zadataka u cilju očuvanja i poboljšanja osmeha pacijenata.

Fiksna proteza za ispravljanje zuba


A fixed denture or fixed orthodontic appliance is fixed to the teeth and requires healthy or completely rehabilitated teeth and soft tissues of the patient. The therapy lasts on average one and a half years, depending on the severity of the case. After removing the fixed device, the patient should wear retention foils to maintain the results. There are fixed prostheses with metal and aesthetic locks.

aktivni mobilni aparat za ispravljanje zuba


Active Teeth apparatus are mobile solutions for correcting orthodontic irregularities in children with mixed dentition – ie. in school-age children, successful therapy requires the cooperation of the patient and the parents, since the patient (child) removes and puts them on himself. The controls are for a month.

Lingvalni fiksni aparat

Lingual fixed apparatus

Lingual orthodontics is the correction of a tooth with the help of a fixed device that is glued to the inside of the tooth, which means that it is invisible. This is sometimes the deciding factor as to why this technology is used mainly in the treatment of adult patients. As with other methods, the period of wearing the device varies from patient to patient.