Partial and total dentures

Preserve existing teeth


Partial dentures are made in patients who have preserved a certain number of teeth and are attached to the remaining teeth with hooks or clasps. Dentures can be acrylic or skeletal (known as visil / wironite dentures). Acrylic dentures are made entirely of acrylate or plastic, so as such they are less durable than skeletal ones.

Although it aesthetically satisfies all the criteria, it can functionally lead to damage to the jaw bones. By partial denture we mean a partial mobile denture. Its advantage over skeletal dentures is that it is more economically affordable.

Skeletal prosthesis is a better solution because, in addition to greater durability (given to it by the built-in metal skeleton), it also provides greater comfort to the patient. The surface of the part of the denture that rests on the palate is smaller, thus reducing the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth.

Parcijalna proteza
Totalna proteza

The advantage of this denture is that it is attached to the natural remaining teeth with the help of more precisely made cast hooks, which provides significantly better stability in the mouth. Instead of hooks, as an even better connection with the neighboring teeth, skeletal dentures can be fitted with attachments (buttons) that hold the denture firmly and stably in the mouth, and are hidden in the part of the denture that is not visible from the outside.

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Total dentures

Total dentures are made in case of complete toothlessness, when all the patient’s teeth are lost. Since the anatomical structures in the mouth change over time, total dentures are not a permanent solution, but they are also corrected or new ones are made.

By making a total denture, the patient regains all the most important functions such as normal speech and normal food consumption.

In addition to the above, the patient also regains his aesthetic appearance. Whichever denture you choose, it will help you return to a normal life without fear of daily activities, speech and aesthetic appeal.