How do the prices of dental implants move and what are they dependent on?

Prices range from 400 to 800 €. It depends largely on who the manufacturer is. So there are those of middle and higher quality, and for whatever you decide, we will make sure that the whole procedure goes completely painless.

Is the process of implanting painless?

Yes! The whole process is absolutely painless for the patient. The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia, while after the procedure, the patient is prescribed certain medications so that he does not feel any pain.

How long does the process of making and installing dental implants last?

Depending on the current state of the patient, the entire procedure starting from the examination itself, and the implantation can last from 24 to 36 hours. So, in some cases, the patient can have new teeth in just 24 hours.


What methods of bleaching are offered in the office of Beo Smile Design?

In our office we have two methods of teeth whitening. These are the practice of bleaching and the production of sets for home-made teeth whitening. The whiteness depends on the person to the person as well as their way of life (how many cats drink, whether they are smokers, etc.). We can freely say the difference even after the first session.

Also, there is a home-whitening method, where after taking the print, we make personalized foil worn at night. The price for home tooth whitening set is 150 €.

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

The cost of dental office bleaching is 30 € per session, and during a visit to the office, it is possible to do up to 3 sessions. We can freely say the difference even after the first session.

What does the whiteness of teeth depend on and how much they can bleach?

Whiteness depends on person to person as well as their way of life (how many cats drink, whether they are smokers, etc.). We can freely say the difference, and after the first session, depending on the wishes of the patient, an adequate number of sessions can be performed, where the patient receives brilliant white teeth.

Is there a possibility of home tooth whitening?

Of course, there is also a home-whitening method, where after taking a print, we make personalized night-time films. The price for home tooth whitening is 150 €.


How is the straightening of teeth done with transparent sheets?

The tooth correction foils are transparent and come across the entire surface of existing teeth. The advantages of tooth correction with foils are that you can at any time remove the foil and restore it, which is not the case with fixed orthodontic appliances with locks. This tooth correction method is done in special software, which allows simulation of future tooth movements, as well as the total number of films that will be used to move them.

The set of foils serves for corrected is a tooth and it is possible in one step (once a visit by a dentist) to get a complete therapy kit. The kit consists of a set of foils that change for approximately 30 days.

By constantly wearing the foil, continuous pressure on the teeth is carried out, which leads to the movement of the teeth. The number of films depends on the weight of the malposition, the number of teeth to be involved in the therapy, and how to move these teeth during therapy. This method is very effective, and, importantly, it is not invasive for the patient. The foils are very comfortable to carry and do not cause speech or chewing problems.
With aesthetic pages, they are the most comfortable solution for tooth correction.

What is the price of tooth correction with transparent sheets?

The price is 100 € per foil sheet, and the number of sheets depends mostly on the current state of your teeth. Sometimes only one film is enough, while sometimes it takes more depending on the particular case. With this in mind, we suggest you visit us, make a free exam, and suggest what is best for you to do.


How much money is saving if I decide to dental treatment in BSD?

By the decision on dental treatment in Serbia you will save up to 70% in relation to prices of dental services anywhere abroad.

How can I get in touch with a person who can provide me with all information related to the services offered by Beo Smile Design?
You can contact us every day from 10-18h Central European Time by phone +381 (0) 11 264 55 08 and +381 (0) 69 2120 900, or send us an email to, we will respond as soon as possible. You can also schedule a meeting via Skype. Our username for Skype is
Do I have to go with a another person on the road or is it enough for me to come alone?
We recommend each patient if he or she is on a journey with a relative, that is, with a spouse, who will be supportive during treatment and recovery. If you are unable to bring someone, or you want to come alone, our team is at all times available.
Which currency is used in Serbia and can I pay in euros?
The currency used in Serbia is a dinar (RSD or DIN). Goods and services in Serbia are paid only in dinars. The euro can not be used when making payments. Change your money only in authorized exchange offices.
Will somebody wait for me to come to Belgrade?
Upon arrival in Belgrade, the Beo Smile Design team provides you with transport from the airport to an office and accommodation. Upon completion of the treatment, BSD provides you with transport to the airport. During your stay in Belgrade, BSD does not provide transportation for your needs. We offer checked taxi carriers and drivers, but their engagement is at your expense.


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