Ceramic facets or veneers are a thin ceramic shell of thickness from 0.2 to 0.7 mm which is permanently cemented to the front surfaces of the tooth.

As one of the high-quality aesthetic solutions, it does not require a lot of tooth decay, which makes its application very popular nowadays.

Modern dental practice has greatly expanded their application primarily thanks to the constant improvement of ceramic materials and the method of cementing dental facets. Particularly refers to the possibility of restoring facets not only in the frontal region, but also in the lateral segment.

We highlight NON-PREP vineries , which are placed directly on the tooth without grinding and pain. They are minimal thick and provide a shiny smile with a guarantee for many years.

Indication (ie when and in which cases) you can do porcelain facets:

If you are not satisfied with the existing color of natural teeth, and as a result you have tetracycline-colored teeth, fluoride or endodontic overlapping that can not be corrected by bleaching techniques of ceramic facets can be the right solution for you. With ceramic facets, we can hide more arches of existing teeth such as:

• correction of the shape and position of the teeth when the teeth are rotated when they do not have the correct shape,
• closure of the diastema (space between the teeth),
• restoration of the crown when the tooth fracture has occurred, > • correcting the bite,
• correcting the loss of the eye,
• if you are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth.

If you have one of these indications, dental facets can be the right solution.