Oral surgery

upgrade of worn dental bones


Tooth loss often leads to bone loss. We can lose teeth for several reasons: gum disease, caries, inflammation or mechanical injuries.

Bone augmentation or augmentation is a procedure that transplants one’s own bone or implants an artificial bone. Bone is usually implanted in cases where it is necessary to install an implant, and the density, width or height of the bone is not enough to support the implant, so it is necessary to increase its volume.

Depending on how many bones need to be upgraded and which technique is used, this procedure takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The procedure is mostly performed with the use of local anesthesia and is not painful.

After transplantation or upgrading, it takes a couple of months for complete osteointegration (bone fusion). There are several different methods of bone augmentation or transplantation, and which one to use is up to your dentist based on the amount and location of the implant. After bone augmentation, it takes between 4 and 9 months to place a dental implant.

Oralna hirurgija nadogradnja kosti
Apikotomija - resekcija korena zuba


Tooth root removal

Apicotomy is the surgical removal of the tip of the tooth root (apex). Surgical removal is applied in the presence of a pathological process, granuloma or cyst. Apicotomy enables the restoration and preservation of teeth that cannot be cured by conservative therapy, automatically preventing tooth loss or tooth extraction. The apicotomy procedure is a completely successful procedure that removes the process at the top of the tooth root. The procedure itself implies the obligatory filling of the root canal.

In our office, all surgical interventions that are performed are performed completely painlessly.

• Tooth extraction
• Apicotomy – resection of the tooth root
• Frenulum resection
• Lobe operation