Zircon Ceramics is made using zirconium oxide (ZrO2), a material that has been increasingly used in dental compilation in recent years because of its good mechanical properties that can be compared with the hardness of the hardest metals like steel. Poor thermal conductivity, biocompatibility, high transparency has been found in dentistry and other branches of medicine.

Sometimes dental restorations made of metal base made up 95% of prosthetic solutions. Today, this situation is completely different. An unexpectedly rapidly high percentage of metalloceramic restorations replaced the restoration with a non-metallic zircon base. In modern dentistry, using various non-metallic ceramic systems, it is possible to make high-quality compensations for larger ranges of high esthetic value, which gives us the practical possibility of using zircon ceramics in the frontal and lateral regions.

Dental compilation of zirconium oxide, which we use in cooperation with our dental laboratories, is based on a contemporary CAD / CAM technology, which involves scanning the patient’s jaw, computer design and machine making. The advantages of this kind of production are high quality dental restorations, maximum precision and shorter production time.The color that can be obtained by making these restorations is the closest to the color of natural teeth that will have high transparency, warmth and aesthetics, as well as very white teeth, known as hollywood smile, which are today’s trend in dental practice. Using new materials and technologies, esthetic dentistry has undergone significant evolution over the last ten years. Guiding this treasure of today, we have enabled our patients to receive all the benefits in one place, in our office.