What to visit

Belgrade Fortress. Fortress is really hard to bypass when you come to Belgrade, because the main pedestrian zone in Knez Mihailova ends just before it. The fortress is one of the largest preserved complexes of this type in Europe, and the Kalemegdan Park, which surrounds the fortress, is the first largest in Belgrade. The first fortress was erected by the Romans, and its present appearance is characterized by excellent preservation, more museums and restaurants, as well as a fantastic view overlooking the Sava and Danube from the Kalemegdan terrace. Within the Kalemegdan, there are the Roman Well, the Belgrade Zoo, the Military Museum and many other sights. We especially emphasize the Church of Ruzica and the church of St. Petka with a miraculous spring.

City Center. The main city promenade includes the streets of King Milan, Terazije, Republic Square and Knez Mihailova ulica, with the final part of the pedestrian zone. No matter where you are in the wider center, you will see many famous buildings, numerous shops, cinemas, bookstores and other interesting places. Belgrade is an old city, full of history but also a religious spirit, although external features go to modernity, in quiet churches and monasteries lies the Holy Spirit of ancient Christianity and sacred relics that you certainly need to look at. Visit the Church of St. Sava on Vračar and the small Church of St. Sava next to it where there is a copy of the miraculous icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Trojerucica. Especially interesting is the ethnographic museum that testifies to the ancestors of the Serbian people and the Nikola Tesla Museum where the works and installations of this brilliant scientist are made.
Also visit Skadarlija. Skadarlija is a bohemian quarter in the center of Belgrade (Skadarska Street), which is visited by about 20,000 people every day. The Skadarska street, about 500 meters in length, is located in the strictest center of Belgrade, paved with cobblestones, as it was customary in the Turkish era, it has retained this old-fashioned appearance even today. Due to the proximity of the National Theater, there were many actors who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Other actors, poets, writers, painters came to act with the actors. That is why many barons, some of the oldest in Belgrade, were nicknamed in Skadarlija. There came a dawn for artists who entered the history of Serbian culture: Đura Jaksic, Danilo Danilovic, Dobrica Milutinovic and cica Ilija Stanojevic. Perfect opportunity to get along with the sounds of a tambourine or a violin, something to drink and drink.

Dorcol Coast of the Danube. One of the most interesting coastal areas, especially because of the wonderful view. The promenade is kilometers long and is connected with the Sava river quay of the old part of the city. The entire right bank of the Sava River from Ada Ciganlija to the confluence of the Sava into the Danube and further along the Danube is one great promenade, at moments of rope, at moments beyond, the total length is over ten kilometers.

Sights of Belgrade

Alexander the Boulevard. A very long boulevard starting in the wider city center, known for all types of shops. In the part of the Boulevard, which is the closest to the center of the city, there is the Tasmajdan park, an ideal place for relaxation in the strict urban center, while the boulevards are excellent pastry shops and restaurants. This part of Belgrade is a hub of young people, not only because of shopping, but also because of the proximity of several major faculties.

Košutnjak. When you visit all previous locations, we suggest that you finish your visit to Belgrade by going to Košutnjak, a large park forest in the southern part of the city. Start a walk near the center, at the Museum of Yugoslav History and in one and a half hours you will reach the highest part of Kosutnjak, near the Pionir city. Relax in some of the cafes and restaurants and make sure to visit the Košutnjak swimming pool during the summer.

Ada Ciganlija. Ada was the largest river island on Sava with its entire length of its flow through Serbia, but now it is connected to the shore, creating an artificial lake, today’s favorite bathing resort of the capital. During the summer, up to 100,000 Belgraders visit Adu Ciganlija daily, and besides the kilometers of beaches, there are hundreds of cafes, as well as sports fields. The artificial lake can be completely walked by foot, bicycle or on rollers, and the full circle around the lake is seven kilometers long.

New Belgrade. In New Belgrade, there are all major shopping centers, UŠĆE Shopping Center, Delta City shopping mall and many others, where you will find shops of all the famous world brands. These two shopping malls offer a variety of entertaining amenities so that you can relax with a cup of coffee or meal at a break between purchases in some of the many cafes and restaurants.

Where to eat

Probably, there is not a single big European city where you can eat so much for a little money or, to put it better, eat so much as in Belgrade. Various gourmands of Serbian cuisine will enrich your stay and leave it in the most memorable memory. We recommend that you certainly try Serbian specialties from the grill, will not leave you indifferent.

Traditional Serbian food