Beo Smile Design within the dental tourism program offers free accommodation in the city center, near the main square in Slavia. Accommodation is located near all major cultural and historical monuments, so that during breaks between interventions, you can take advantage of free time in a convenient way to visit the city. For you, we have provided free transport from the airport to the accommodation and back.

During your stay in Belgrade, you have at your disposal members of the team, who will be available for all types of information outside the clinic. If you express a special desire for a detailed tour of the city, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, we will provide you with the best tourist guides.

Upon arrival in Belgrade, before the start of the work, our doctors will conduct a survey with you about your current state of health, history of the disease, and so on. This procedure is necessary in order to determine the best possible therapy for the duration and after the intervention itself.