Rejuvenation with blood plasma

(vampire treatment)

Which parts of the body can be treated?
• Face in full, or individual zones (wrinkles, glabella, dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles under the eyelids, the definition of cheekbones, nasolabial wrinkles, lip contour, lips volume, puppets, wrinkles correction on the chin, vertical wrinkles around the lips)
• Neck
• Hairy head
• Scars

How long does the treatment last?
Between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the region being treated.

Medical and aesthetic use of PRF
• Face and neck tending
• Refreshing and rejuvenating the skin
• Stimulation of hair growth
• Removing acne scars
• Removing dark eye circles

How much treatment is needed?
Depending on the changes and the region, 3-6 treatments should be made. There are no restrictions in the number of repeated treatments.

What results do you expect from PRF treatment?
• Improving texture and skin tone
• Restoring and producing a new collagen
• Hair growth

PRF side effects
Possible island and redness for the next 12 hours.

Aesthetic corrections of face and lips

In line with the world trends we also offer esthetic facial corrections: using the PRF method, which means that we use only the blood of the patient to replace the volume of the lips without the use of hyaluronic acid that pretends to revolution in anti – aging method.

This treatment has no harmful effects, and the effects are much more convincing than when it comes to applying hyaluronic and many other fillers. The whole procedure is done very quickly by our experienced surgeons, and the patient receives adequate guidelines after each treatment.


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