Endodontia is a therapeutic procedure for dental treatment, i.e. removal of the nerve and infection from the dental chamber and the root canal canal after bacterial penetration. It also implies tooth decay (seals) – conservation.

Endodontic treatment is actually a treatment in the interior of the tooth. Dental caries over time lead to the destruction of dental tissue. The resulting damage is taken care of by setting appropriate amalgam or composite fillings.

Dental diseases – caries is one of the most common teeth diseases. Untimely departure for dental caries involves dental tissue, and then tissue at the very top of the root, the so-called – periapical process, which can lead to complete loss of teeth. In this sense, the therapy is performed from the simplest tooth sealing to treatment, “nerve extraction” and filling of the root of the teeth root. Only a quality and complete channel filling is a guarantee of complete healing of the teeth.A only state-of-the-art digital radio-diagnostic equipment can provide a detailed insight into the condition of the channel fulfillment. /p>