Dental tourism in Serbia

Dental Tourism , as one of the branches of health tourism, allows individuals to travel to a particular country and for a short period of stay, get affordable and quality dental service . The reason why people all over the world are increasingly choosing this type of tourism is primarily a favorable price for dental services.

In Serbia, dental service price can be up to 70% lower than other European countries.

In addition, the trip is also used by patients as one type of vacation in which they connect nicely and usefully.
The quality of dentures that patients receive in our dental office is at highest level. On every intervention, we use modern materials, modern equipment and technology to solve the most complicated demands of patients.

The quality of our services is also affected by our continuous education of staff at home and abroad on the principle of highly specialized areas in dentistry.

After your consent, based on the accrual you receive, we can specify the date of your visit to our office and agree on the duration of the intervention. Within the dental tourism program, we can organize or provide accommodation for the duration of your stay in Belgrade during the duration of the intervention. As far as the intervention is concerned, our office will provide you with accommodation during your stay in Belgrade.

We have provided free transport from airport to lodging and back. During your stay in Belgrade, you have at your disposal members of the team, which are available for all types of information.

After successful treatment in our clinic, all patients receive an account for services rendered. When you return to your country, you can use your account to refund a portion of your services.

In the end, what is most important to you, what makes Serbia attractive when dental tourism services are concerned and why is everything so? Everything is very simple.

The implant used in dental clinics and around the world is the same manufacturer as the one in Serbia. In Serbia, it’s incredibly cheap for you, and one would cost us one whole salary and more. The quality is the same, but the standard of countries is very different. In Serbia, there is a trend for young people, but also those with more experience, to constantly go for a better life in countries around the world. And everyone welcomes them, because they are high quality, trained for what they do, with much more complex knowledge and facilitated already acquired adjustment.

Send us your information and digital ortopan and we will respond to you as soon as possible with the treatment plan. It is important that the digital orthopedic that you send is preferably not older than 3 months because it allows us to be more precise in the analysis itself and in this way we save your time and money. Please note that a digital orthopan makes up 90% of the estimated time.

In order to make a better plan of treatment, it is important to specify which dental interventions you want to do in our office. If you are not sure about the possible costs, we will make a plan for treatment with a pro forma completely free for you. This way you can have insight and security when planning a visit to our clinic.


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