Responding to the daily inquiries of our patients, we came up with an idea to explain in more detail how to write and send a detailed inquiry. With a detailed inquiry we will be able to analyze your case very quickly and on the basis of it we propose an adequate treatment plan. If you follow the guidance we will provide below, you will receive our detailed estimate and pricing service rates very quickly.

Diagnosis based on sent photos

For most of the dental services we offer, you need to do standard orthopedic footage , which can be obtained by just over 1,000 dinars (if you already have it, be sure it should not be older than six months). Make sure that the person who creates your orthopaño emphasize that the image is sent in high resolution to see all the details. Keep in mind that the ortopan is best served as an attachment to email (up to 25MB) or through some cloud solutions like WeTransfer, DropBox, etc. (the size limit is a few GB so it’s also a recommendation). The reason for this is that by sending through social networks, Viber or Whatsapp platform, all content is compressed and there is a loss in image quality.

In a small number of cases (low resolution, poor visibility of details, etc.), it’s possible to use a printed orthopedic copy, but we do not recommend this method.

Analysis based on 3D image of the tooth

In addition to Orthopedic, you can also send 3D Snapshot if you already have one. If you do not have any of it earlier, know that you will have to pay about 50 € for this service. As with the ortopan, we recommend that you send the 3D image in the same way in order to ensure high quality and reduce the possibility of an error.

Another very common diagnostic method is photographing the current tooth condition with a mobile phone . In order for these photos to be useful, you need a high resolution camera and take a photo in a well-lit place with focus on your teeth . Here a lot can be helped by another person who will do it for you. This will greatly improve the end results and visibility of the details on your teeth. Take care to photograph wide open mouth and right and right .

One of the most common services that require the above diagnostic methods are: faccetes – veeners , dental crown , implant and some other operations.

In addition to your material, you also need to describe in detail your problem and the problems that you have. It is advisable to indicate if you are allergic to some of the most commonly used drugs in dentistry.

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