About Belgrade

It is widely known that Serbia really has a rich history through wars, demolitions and sufferings, constant renewed progress … In Serbia, through history and education, it has been taught in all life chapters, so it would be impossible for dear tourists to come closer to one text everything you should know, but what is surely possible is to visit Belgrade for the start and he will tell you the story, because Belgrade, as the cultural capital of the Balkans, in every corner, a ruined building, a museum, a fortress, a cafe, a park, hides many historical facts and past events, as well as the life and work of Serbian giants and wrong people who consciously and unconsciously demolished this country. Sprski temperament is what the Serbian people, but also Serbia, sometimes mention in a negative, and sometimes in a powerful context.

In addition to the traditional characteristics of the Serbs, and these are the urge for constant progress, the need for fighting and finding out, the Serbs are characterized by great generosity, warm hospitality, the need to give everything we have, if it will help someone. You would be surprised that what you heard in the media about small and aggressive Serbia still belongs to the past, because today Belgrade and its citizens will associate you with all that good, fun, human, what is missing from the big metropolises, and here it is felt in the air . To you, coming from more developed countries, which Serbia is striving more and more, staying in Belgrade would be remarkably cheap, fun and, above all, unforgettable, something you will be happy to return. What may not be known to those who come for the first time is that Belgrade is the only world center that can, with a surgical intervention, change sex from one to the other. Then, Belgrade is considered one of the first three European top destinations for a rich night life.

Serbia is one of the few countries that has introduced a ban on GMO foods. What you have probably never tried, such as: kebabs, kajmak, ajvar, sarma, brandy, are produced in ideal rural conditions and fully protected natural environments. Although, if you are someone who has a need for dental services, the question is how much food you are interested in, but it’s not a bad idea to know how specific Serbian cuisine is for home cooking, most of which you could try.

In the end, what matters most to you, what makes Serbia attractive when dental tourism services are concerned and why is it all so? It’s all very simple. The implant used in dental clinics and around the world is the same manufacturer as the one in Serbia. In Serbia, it’s incredibly cheap for you, and one would cost us one whole salary and more. Quality is the same, but the standard of countries is very different.

In Serbia, there is a trend for young people, but also those with more experience, to constantly go for a better life in countries around the world. And everyone welcomes them, because they are high quality, trained for what they do, with much more complex knowledge and facilitated already acquired adjustment. Do not ever doubt the expertise of doctors who live and work in Serbia, because these are people who, despite the lack of opportunities to get work in their country, survived and persisted and gained a reputation and status that is omnipresent. What will you be wondering at some point in time? Why Serbia, not Thailand or the Philippines, maybe India? Because Serbia has no sea, but it’s airspace! Because Serbia offers not only specialties of world cuisines, but something you never tried! Because Belgrade has everything that makes a person alive, energetic, insatiable! Because Belgrade does not shine, but creates sparks in the eye after everything you see! Because in Belgrade the tenth day is not boring! Because for you, Belgrade would be an escape from the problem, because only after the arrival would you understand how many there are in each individual Serb! Serbia is a proud country, but only on the basis of what it really is and what it really offers and nourishes. Family values, food, water, cultural heritage, expertise, air, love … You will remain in subconsciousness, when you go from this small but energetic country.